​Blue Island Music was established in 1994. We are based in the south suburbs of Chicago. Our goal is to provide quality music lessons at an affordable price. We start students around 6 years old but have many adult learners and retiaries. 
 Blue Island Music is private music school established in 1994 in Blue Island Illinois. We offer individual music lessons on a variety of instruments. Our goal is to provide quality instruction, emphasizing proper technique and an understanding of music theory. Many of our students start as early as six years old. We also have many senior citizen who use music as a fun hobby. Our teachers are able to develop a program that fits the interest of the student. 
Some of our students have been playing for many years but use our facility to further their skills. 
 We teach improvisation in blues, rock, country and jazz. Some students are interested in sight reading and ear training or learning how to figure out tunes by ear.  We have many students studying classical and jazz piano. Many of our high school students are performing in their school musicals. Our opera and musical theater lessons are providing the techniques and skills they need to succeed.