Lessons are now available for:

Piano  Drums  Acoustic Guitar  Bass Guitar  Electric Guitar  Sax  Trumpet  Clarinet  Flute  Voice/Musical Theater/Opera  Keyboards  Ukulele  

Music Theory   Improvisation   Ear Training     Playing by Ear    Sight Reading

Classical    Jazz    Rock    Blues    Alternative    Folk    Gospel    Heavy Metal
Lesson Descriptions

All of our lessons are 30 minutes in length and are held once a week. Once a lesson time is set it will remain that same day and time each week. 

Each instrument will require materials so it is best to call for details. 

For example we have electronic drums, students need only to bring drum sticks. 

Guitar amps are provided for the electric guitar lessons however students need to bring their guitars. 

All piano lessons are taught on acoustic pianos in our piano rooms.

Most all other lessons require the student to bring their own instruments.

All lesson books and instruction materials are available for purchase at the school.

We have instruments for sale and can order any supplies you may need. 

Lessons for all instruments are $20.00 each.

If you can not attend your scheduled lesson time the cost is reduced to $10.00 for the missed lesson.